Our Board

Arunabh das Sharma

A board-level business leader with experience in Media, Consumer Packaged Goods, Consumer Durables & technology start ups, Arunabh has extensive working knowledge across global markets, ranging from India, China and the US, to the entire Asia Pacific, Australia, Western Europe and Middle East.

Armed with an MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, and business administration and management acumen gained at Stanford University Graduate School of Business, Anurabh brings to the team strategic knowledge of M&A’s, JV formations, new market entry, business turnarounds and change management.

Sandali Sinha

Well-known media personality-turned-entrepreneur, with a track record of portraying women in media in a neutral manner, Sandali is a prominent ambassador of gender equality and women empowerment in media.

Sandali is dedicated to women causes and spends her time working with initiatives that portray women positively and impact girls and women globally. She brings to the team a passionate and ambitious approach to addressing women related issues.

Rohit Verma

A board executive with experience in wireless and software technology, private equity, healthcare, and management consulting, Rohit is a computer science, economics, and mathematics graduate, going on to later finish his Ph.D. in economics.

Specializing in corporate finance, business development & business strategy including pricing and product/market entry, Rohit brings on-board expertise in M&A/IPO’s, business development, sales, operations and strategy.

Rohit has been a VP of Savi where he played a key role in taking the company from $30MM to $100MM eventually leading to the sale of the company.

Meera Kaul

The Managing Partner of Germanium Ventures is a serial entrepreneur with a track record of 4 multi-million dollar exits. She is also the founder of The MK Foundation.

Meera was voted one of the Top 50 women in telecom space; Entrepreneur of the year 2013 and 2015, apart from being the Executive of the Year over consecutive years. Besides being an accomplished technology geek, Meera has a degree in International Taxation and Financial Law from TJSL, and is also an Alumni of the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Women in STEM