About The Foundation

"There will always exist a precedence of things not being done or an expert who tells you what works in a certain circumstance. I have learnt that there is always another way. There is always a possibility. And that till that last possibility is not exhausted; I will not give up or give in. I also realized as I grew older that possibilities are endless. The only thing that often makes people give up is impatience or failure to focus."
Meera Kaul, CEO, Meera Kaul Foundation

Breaking Stereotypes, The Meera Kaul Foundation strives to unlock a world of immense potential and possibilities for women, especially in the field of Science, Technology. Engineering and Math (STEM).

About half of the world’s working population comprises of women. Sadly however, merely a fraction makes it to the top – only twelve percent of CEOs across the world are women. Technology has indeed played a pivotal role in changing business dynamics, enabling innovation and diversity. But even in this day and age gender discrimination exists. The Meera Kaul Foundation, established in 2011, strives to address this very issue worldwide.

The Foundation primarily offers a wide range of women driven programs and initiatives that aim to uncover women’s immense potential especially in male dominated industries such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Led by a team of outstanding women, from established and emerging markets, the foundation provides a robust support system around the globe.

Investing in women, women led projects as well as programs directed at women The Foundation works to empower women to utilize their economic, social and intellectual potential. It provides opportunities for women in areas of their expertise, creating sustainability of their careers and enhancing their personal growth and economic stability.

The Foundation works with individuals and corporations to address issues of gender bias and eradicate inequality by running gender sensitization initiatives and campaigns to raise awareness. Through programs, seminars and conferences the Foundation endeavors to empower women by making them economically successful through education, skills training and shared entrepreneurial acumen.

For any media enquiries, press interviews or updates on our events, programs and news, please contact:
Email: marketing@meerakaul.com

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