Corporate Partnerships

Fund-raising is a serious need for Charities. And CSR is serious business for Companies. Corporates are increasingly looking for programs that support their CSR vision and objectives, and get definitive ROI in terms of the change their 'social investment' brings about

While some companies are happy to just write a cheque to support a cause, others like to also be actively involved in the execution of programs, and volunteer time and knowledge to benefit the cause, and some others prefer to start with implementing programs within their own organizations.

Its no longer just about the money. And we understand that. So whatever your preference, we help enable 'strategic philanthropy' for you.

  • We suggest an annual partnership program, with projects and activities that are aligned with your CSR objectives, to ensure its money well spent for you and you get optimum returns on the 'difference"you wish to enable.
  • We do not over-commit or over-promise deliverables. Our programs offer tangible results.
  • We are professional and realistic in how we approach our relationship with you
  • We involve you to whatever degree you feel comfortable
  • We help you to enable social change 'within' the organization as well
  • We help you to strengthen your brands social reputation through joint, cause-related marketing activities
  • We understand that you want us to work with you, not for you
  • We provide regular progress updates on the partnerships projects

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